Logismarket, the largest industrial directory in Europe en Latin America, with more than 4.500 registered companies, launches its Client Area, a closed and personalised area which the companies advertising on Logismarket can access to manage their content.

Clients can not only enter their business activities and the products they produce or distribute, but also any multimedia content, which adds significant value for the thousands of buyers that visit Logismarket in search of products and services for their companies.

With this innovation, Logismarket provides agility when presenting the best content possible for buyers/users. Important events for our clients, such as the launch of a new product, a new service, technical improvements in existing products or the availability of more multimedia (videos, images etc.), can be placed on Logismarket within hours, and is reflected in the number of sales leads generated.

"The way the Client Area is being received is spectacular", says Miguel Davila, CEO of the company, "by our existing clients as well as new businesses that have recently started to advertise their products on Logismarket. And it does not stop here: we strive for a continuous improvement of the application to perfect the service we offer our clients."

Are you an advertiser on Logismarket and have you not yet accessed your Client Area? Contact us and we will provide you with your login details.

If your company is not yet listed on Logismarket, request a free no-obligation trial, for a period of 3 months. During this trial period your business will receive sales leads from companies that are interested in your products.