Logismarket is an online platform with a long track record. When was it launched and how has it since evolved?

Logismarket was launched in 2000 as part of the Mecalux Group and, from the very outset, it has been a meeting point between businesses showcasing their products and industry professionals who are interested in them. We started in a few European countries and now operate in over 15 countries throughout Europe and Latin America.

What sets you apart from other B2B marketplaces and directories within the industry?

Our approach is 100% professional and aimed at businesses and buyers from the industrial sector. We offer detailed, quality information on all the products we advertise, allowing users to compare products and request information on the ones that best suit their needs.

What is more, we have a team that encompasses marketing experts, commercial managers, native translators for each country, web designers and so forth who work hard every day to ensure that both users and customers enjoy the best possible experience at Logismarket.

What type of businesses can use Logismarket?

Any company that requires a product or service for their business can visit our website in the different countries and request information and/or quotes directly from the companies that manufacture and/or distribute them.

What benefits does your directory offer them?

Both the companies that advertise with us and users of our website all benefit greatly. On the one hand, we help advertisers to promote their products and attract new customers, as well as affording them brand visibility, search engine optimisation and international presence. On the other hand, professional users take advantage of the vast array of products and services on offer through Logismarket to find the products and services they need for their business.

How many users and products are listed on Logismarket worldwide?

We receive over 10 million visits each year in all countries where we operate, generating some 34,000 business contacts every month for our customers. We currently feature over 120,000 products in more than 20 industrial sectors (packaging, industrial cleaning, containers, transport, etc.).

What does it cost companies to advertise on your directory?

It depends. We have different contract modalities of varying duration to adapt to the specific needs of each company. We also adapt to each company's profile according to what they really need in terms of visibility, positioning, etc. In other words, we tailor to each type of customer.

Is it a meeting point for businesses or can you also market through the website?

Logismarket is an online platform which, among other benefits for our customers, generates business contacts and groups together industrial companies offering their products and services. To buy a product, users must contact the advertiser directly via Logismarket. However, over the coming months you'll see some major new features on Logismarket in this regard...

Which sectors arouse most interest on your platform?

We have more than 20 industrial sectors in all countries, ranging from energy, the environment and construction through to containers and packaging.

The categories that attract the greatest interest among our users are: Packaging; Transport & logistics; Containers, pallets & receptacles; Construction & Public Works; Conveying, handling & lifting systems; Forklifts, pallet trucks & other vehicles; Labeling, identification & radiofrequency; Energy & environment; Machine tools and Industrial cleaning, among others.

What advice do you give businesses who wish to register?

We recommend that they advertise on our website to achieve greater visibility for their brand image and products within a qualified environment, as well as good positioning on the main search engines.

We also advise them on what information to publish on our website, whereby Logismarket users can learn about their company's activity and products and receive enquiries from interested buyers.

Logismarket is an international platform. In which markets do you operate?

We currently operate with native personnel in 15 countries throughout Europe and Latin America: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Benelux, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, the UK, Czech Republic and Switzerland and, in early 2016, we'll be launching in Peru and Colombia, thereby increasing our presence to 17 countries.

How was your experience in this process of international expansion?

Very positive. We saw the success we enjoyed in countries where we had already launched and that encouraged us to continue growing and expanding our presence in order to provide service in more countries around the world.

It also makes us extremely proud and happy, even on a personal level, to see how we are helping so many businesses to export in a simple way and with no associated costs.

Can you choose in which markets to showcase your products on the website?

Our customers can choose which countries they wish to advertise in, providing they serve that particular market. They can then publish different products according to their sales strategies in the different countries.

Are there noticeable differences in the sectors that arouse greatest interest among those countries?

Absolutely. For instance, in Chile the category or sector that is most in demand by our users is Mining & Construction, which does not even exist in most other countries where Logismarket operates.

This shows us that each country has its own culture and synergy and we must adapt to them in order to properly address a solid business and investment strategy.

Are you planning to expand into new countries?

Yes. We are continually seeking to expand into new markets and, as we mentioned earlier, we'll shortly be launching in Colombia and Peru.

Do you have any particularly relevant success stories as regards companies that have managed to boost their sales or attract new customers thanks to your platform?

Lots, and a great example is this real account posted on the Logismarket.es website by the Marketing Director at Reisopack, S.L., Óscar Saldaña, who says they have been working with the Logismarket platform for some time now and it has become a key source for new customers. "We have seen first-hand how improving the information we offer visitors to the portal means far more of them become potential customers and ask us for more information. Our presence on Logismarket ultimately translates into more sales", says Oscar.

What other plans do you have for Logismarket?

Our aim is to continue striving to enhance our service, both for customers and users, as well as to continue growing and expanding markets. The "Voice of the Customer" is very important to us, which is why we try to listen through surveys and feedback meetings to both our customers and our users to systematically provide added-value solutions.

As a new development, and a scoop for eMarket Services, we would like to mention that our number one project for 2016 is to make Logismarket a sales generating tool, that is, to progress from being an industrial directory to become a leading industrial e-Commerce platform with a presence in 17 countries.

Source: eMarket Services