The industrial directory LOGISMARKET exists since 2001 and has its origins in Spain. Who came up with the idea and how has it developed since?
Logismarket was founded in Spain in January 2001. Already from the beginning, the Mecalux Group wanted to make use of the possibilities of the new technologies to generate commerce and contribute to the changes in the logistics and industrial sector. In October of the same year, Logismarket started in France and Portugal. Not much later, in March 2002, Logismarket Italy started, and in September Logismarket Germany. 2004 was the year of the launch of the Benelux and the United Kingdom. Poland, Austria and Switzerland started at the end of 2006, and in 2007 the Czech Republic started. Today, Logismarket has branches in 12 countries in Europe. With more than 1.100.000 professional visits to our industrial directory on European level each month, Logismarket has become an important player in the sector.

The directory includes the sectors logistics, storage, packaging and industrial equipment. What possibilities are there for a company to present itself in the directory?
We started Logismarket with the logistics sector, but soon we incorporated other industrial sectors as well, such as packaging. As a consequence, we now have a broad range of clients and we have more than 58.000 industrial products and services from all sectors. We are a general industrial directory with detailed and updated information! Every manufacturer of industrial products or provider of services to the industry can benefit from our services.

Who are your clients?
More than 3.300 companies rely on Logismarket. We support them in their commercial development, in Germany as well as in the rest of Europe. Among our clients we find from small and medium-sized companies to multinationals like CYCLOP, FROMM, etc. They are all manufacturers, distributors or providers of industrial products or services.

Which sectors and which departments within the companies are the main users of the directory?
75% of our users has a management post, the majority within buying or management departments. Regarding the industrial sectors, that really varies.

Why should a company decide to appear on your industrial directory?
Logismarket facilitates the contact between companies in the industrial sector that sell a product or service, and the companies that need to buy those same products or services. In 2007 we generated 191.000 qualified commercial contacts each month. This means a great number of important contacts, and, more precisely: more sales for the companies. Moreover, we offer a complete and flexible service, with personal guidance by our teams, which makes it possible to find a fitted solution for each company. More than 80% of the companies in the directory rely on Logismarket year after year, which convinces us of the fact that we offer our clients a real added value.

Is it free for the user to search the Logismarket site? What other possibilities does the user have?
All Logismarket users have direct and free access to all available tools and information in our online Industrial Directory. It is easy to quickly get a list of relevant suppliers using our search machine or by navigation through the categories, and it’s even easier to contact them, whether that is by e-mail, phone, fax or by visiting their website directly. Apart from our online directory, we have various means to facilitate information and search: yearly printed catalogues, special editions, CD-ROMs, newsletters, a press release service, etc.

What plans for future development does Logismarket have?
Our company grows quickly and to continue this pace we are carrying out different improvement projects or creating new services. On geographic level for example, we are looking into the possibilities to launch Logismarket in new countries in Europe and South America. As a service to our clients, we have started to digitize all our paper publications. Now each catalogue, magazine or special edition that we publish can be consulted online. That way we increase the opportunities to read our publications and we give even more visibility to the products and services we promote.
We are also developing new web tools to improve the ease of use for users. Moreover, we continue attending a great number of international trade fairs to increase our proximity to each market. In 2008 we will present at more than 50 fairs, including INTERPACK 08, CeMAT 08, EMBALLAGE 08, HISPACK 09, IPACK-IMA 09, etc.
The feedback that we got at the INTERPACK fair in April, from clients as well from users, was very positive, and this motivates us to carry out all these projects.

Additional data
58.000 products
3.300 companies
1.100.000 professional visits each month

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