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Laser (Domino D D120i)

  • The latest editions of our successful compact scribing laser are designed to fit in even the smallest of spaces.

Detailed information about the product Laser

Domino D-Series – new, compact lasers are flexible in more ways than one.

The new i-Tech scan head is smaller and adjustable, allowing the D-Series lasers to be installed in the most restricted spaces.

A new IP65 version design adds greater protection for harsh environment installations.

Flexible connectivity and a familiar interface now make it possible to control D-Series lasers from anywhere.

Green Credentials

The new D-Series, with no need for inks or solvents – minimising waste as well as 20% reduced weight (versus previous models) – helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. Automatic temperature controlled fan cooling means the coder saves energy whenever applications allow.

i-Tech Our aim was to make production lines lower maintenance, lower cost and more efficient. i-Tech helped us to achieve that aim.
TouchPannel Our intuitive remote helps you to manage the coder.
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