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Industrial Laser (NANO DPSS)

  • Affordable laser with high quality beam for industrial, precision marking on delicate substrates.

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Detailed information about the product Industrial Laser

Nano DPSS laser from Macsa ID: a compact and affordable laser marking system

  • All in one laser designed for ease of integration
  • Short pulse width is ideal for coating ablation and marking delicate substrates
  • Cost effective laser marking solution Dual processor architecture for fast cycle times

NANO is a DPSS Laser system, based on a Nd: YVO4 active medium. The NANO series delivers a high quality beam that is used for precision marking of delicate substrates. Also NANO lasers are can be integrated and used our Macsa iLaserBox 450 standalone workstation.


  • Quality coding on a wide range of metallic and plastic materials
  • Easy integration into any production line with good performance

Compact and ready for integration

  • Compact and economical lasers
  • On board digital I/O and TCP/IP communication protocols

Accessible in price and maintenance

  • High performance equipment at an affordable price
  • Reduces the maintenance costs compared with other coding technologies

About Macsa range industrial lasers

Macsa laser systems allow marking texts, data and graphics on the products to complement them and improve them with the mark identification and other useful data for its traceability.

Designed to deliver the highest quality marking even at high speed thanks to the top quality lenses,  the dual processor and the Vibration Compensation System (VCS) to ensure high-resolution marking even on high-speed production lines. They also incorporate a 3D printing kit, which optimizes the focus point in any situation. They are easy to use, thanks to the software Marca by Macsa ID.

Laser systems carry out higher quality marking on a wide range of substrates and surfaces, they require no consumables or spare parts, is an  environment-friendly technology, reliable and permanent, as well as fast, flexible and easy to adapt to harsh production environments.

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