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(inotec Barcode Security Ltd.)

inotec - Your Partner For Superior Labelling

Specialist barcode label company providing quality labels and identification solutions.

Detailed information about inotec

inotec Barcode Security manufactures extremely durable barcode labels offering a wide range of identification solutions for many industries, including warehouse and logistics, Laboratory & Medical, Asset ID, Container & Tote ID and many more.

Our performances

  • Various types of racking labels for pallet / shelving location identification
  • Durable Line Marking of warehouse floors
  • Plastic containers, metal containers and wooden pallet identification
  • Radio frequency labels
  • Asset ID / Library Labels
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metal Labels / Steel & Ceramic Labels for tough / high temp environments
  • Inmould Labels

Our printing techniques

  • High definition digital colour
  • Photocomposition
  • Thermal Transfer

Our specialities

  • Flexible or solid synthetic labels
  • Adhesive, magnetic or mechanical fixing solutions
  • Undersurface printing available, giving extra durability to the printed image
  • Outstanding resolution (up to 3000 dpi)
  • Colour coding for identifying specific rack levels
  • Multiple Barcodes and multicoloured labels
  • High quality industrial adhesive
  • Photocomposed aluminium tags for difficult environments
  • Steel and ceramic labels for extreme conditions
  • RFID Tags
Quality certificates ISO 9001:2008, SAFEContractor, UKWA
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Mailing Address inotec House
Viking Close, Willerby
East Yorkshire
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Press releases of inotec

Durable Line Marking Saves Costs

24/02/2010, Willerby - Inotec’s DURAline system is proving that due to its permanence and speed of installation, significant cost and time can be saved as the lines have a high resistance against removal or damage.

Multi Technology Label Launched

24/02/2010, Willerby - 2D Codes are becoming a technically attractive alternative to barcodes and RFID.

inotec Celebrates its 10th Successful Year

24/02/2010, Willerby - Willerby based barcode and RFID company inotec UK are celebrating their 10th successful year since setting up business in the area in 1999.

Products of inotec
  • Coloured labels for racks

    Coloured labels for racks

    Give a colour to each level of your rack for easy spotting.

  • Photo-typeset Labels

    Photo-typeset Labels

    For product identification, type plates, inventory and rack identification, archival storage, pallet identification.

  • Thermal Transfer Labels

    Thermal Transfer Labels

    Identification of documents, inventories, containers and conductors.

  • Multi-level visualisation label

    Multi-level visualisation label

    To centralise all the barcodes of the rack in a single place, easy to reach by the forklift truck driver.

  • Simple rack labels

    Simple rack labels

    Basic models with white or yellow background, printed or not.

  • RFID Labels

    RFID Labels

    Preprinted or supplied for subsequent thermal transfer printing.

  • Ceramic SL - inotec ceramic labels are used for extreme environment applications where conventional labelling could not survive. | Ceramic Labels

    Ceramic Labels

    For semi-conductors-, lenses, cd identification, tools and containers in high temperature areas, aluminium and metal industry.

  • Diagonal barcode labels

    Diagonal barcode labels

    Avoid reading errors when the barcodes are close to each other !

  • Metal Labels

    Metal Labels

    For chemical industry, metallurgy, aggressive environments with high temperatures and mechanical load.

  • Long distance reading label

    Long distance reading label

    High contrast solutions for barcode reading at more than 10 metres away.

  • Refrigerated warehouses labels

    Refrigerated warehouses labels

    Specific solutions adapted to extreme cold and humidity conditions.

  • Asset & Security Labels

    Asset & Security Labels

    To identify luxury goods, spirits, special postage items, explosives, various police and tracking applications.

  • In-Mould Labels

    In-Mould Labels

    For the identification of containers, bins and many others.

  • Sealed floor marking | Sealed floor marking Floortag

    Sealed floor marking (Floortag)

    Long lasting identification of mass stocks and loading bay thanks to a metal plaque sealed in the ground.

  • Screwed floor marking | Screwed floor marking Floorframe

    Screwed floor marking (Floorframe)

    Complete floor identification kit , with aluminium labels and screwed protection frame.