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(CDA Chabot Delrieu Associés)

Manufacturer of labelling machines for self-adhesive labels since 1990. The company offers a wide range of solutions for the labelling of your products.

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Detailed information about CDA

Specialized in labelling and capping wine bottles, CDA offers its know-how for a high quality labelling on any other type of packaging.

CDA is a company that combines the skills from its technical and commercial teams to offer simple, reliable, efficient and long lasting machines for its customers, as well as a constant after sales service.

Applying modern technology, CDA answers the requirement for high quality, precision and flexibility for today's world.

CDA is also a young team, dynamic and creative, able to propose innovative solutions to answer specific demands.

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Mailing Address 6 rue de l'artisanat - ZI de Plaisance
11000  Narbonne
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