Kern & Sohn

Years of experience, a large range of precision, industrial scales and specialized equipment, and many tests and trials.

Balingen-Frommern, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About Kern & Sohn

Since their foundation in the year 1844 by Gottlieb Kern, a mechanic, we have always produced the most precise, advanced scales of our time. Kern?s company developed as a scale manufacturing center in Southern Germany and is known on an international level. Nowadays, we specialise in calibration and are certified to DIN ISO 9001:2000 with more than 160 years of experience and a promise of quality.

The Kern name represents precision and security. We are a midsized, family operated company in the fifth generation headquartered in Southern Germany. Kern is completely independent, with unique client relationships spanning a long period of time.

The attention we provide clients never ends in our company, and we help out wherever possible. The root of our long history is in our ambition to satisfy clients.

Business specialists for Measuring & Control