Design and production of steel wire of high quality, made according to specific needs, for example: exhibitors, baskets for shelves, stalls, dividers, shelves.

Villa Carcina, Brescia, Italy

About Jamafil

The company JAMA-FIL, a metal wire production specialist, was founded in 1971 from Sergio Moretti and Davide Tanfoglio.

After having acquired ten years of experience working for leading companies in the supermarket furniture industry, such as Zenith and LABOR FIL, Moretti and Tanfoglio decided to capitalize their professional knowledge in a self owned company.

In the first years, the production was oriented exclusively to the realization of metal wire pieces of furniture, according to the past experience.

Later, given the growing need to diversify the production, in order to offer to its customers a broad range of products and services, the company has gained experience in other areas such as the production of logistics equipments and displays for the stores.

Today the production is divided into substantially equal parts in the three activity sectors, but still being as a metal wire specialist.

The company is now run by the sons of the founders, ensuring the continuity of the project.

The improvement of products quality has been always considered a must by the management, and this trend is confirmed by the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 since 2002 (CERMET Reg Nr: 2945 - A) obtained in April 2002 and since then ever renewed.

In detail, the production of JAMA-FIL can be specified as follows:

Supermarkets pieces of furniture

JAMA-FIL is an ideal partner of companies realizing complete furniture lines.

Examples of products are:

  • Metal wire stands
  • Displayers for checkout counters
  • Promotional displayers and baskets
  • Partitions and risers

Logistics equipment

These products allow the handling, packaging and storage inside and outside the enterprise, for example:

  • Containers
  • Baskets for pallets
  • Stackable baskets

Display for retail shops

Such systems are used to display and promote the goods inside the shops.

For example:

  • Floor display
  • Counter displays
  • Accessories and parts of exhibitors complex: hooks, baskets and media brochure holders

The production of JAMA-FIL takes place in the plants of Villa Carcina (in the Brescia area, Northern Italy).

The production is located in the historical site at via Leopardi, while the assembly and packaging warehouse is located in the neighboring new facility at Via Sardegna, where the headquarters also moved a few years ago.

The global occupied surface is of about 2.500 mq, and the company currently employs 14 people.

Recently we purchased a new wire bending machine directly from coil, which manufactures wire rings in a complete automatic and autonomous way, granting to the system a high productivity.

The production is very flexible, also thanks to the modest size of the company, allowing the realization of small and medium-series products and granting very short delivery times.

Peculiarity and specific feature of the company is the big attention to customer needs, which is realized through the creation, design and packaging of highly customized products.


JAMA-FIL is honored to cooperate with the following enterprises:

  • FERRERO S.p.A. (confectionery company)
  • OBI (bricolage - DIY)
  • FRANKE (household appliances)
  • FEDERAL MOGUL (automotive components)
  • SMIPACK (packaging equipment)


UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Business specialists for Containers, Pallets & Receptacles