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Aluminum profile (D30 )

Products from item Industrietechnik

From simple shelves and variable work stations to complex loading and unloading constructions with roller conveyors.

It's brand new - an item profile that is entirely non-metallic. item now offers a Profile 8 and Tube D30 for special applications that are made entirely of an innovative material comprising 70 percent wood and 30 percent plastic. As a result, users can now build constructions that do not conduct electricity or affect the radio frequency range.

The D30 cylindrical tube system with its practical fastening technology can now do even more. Profile Tubes D30 are available in seven different colours. This makes it far easier to mark out locations, components and quantities.

About item Industrietechnik

item Industrietechnik

They develop and supply the MB Building Kit System, a system which enables customised solutions for all aspects of industrial factory equipment engineering.

Solingen ,Germany