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Flexible icebox (Sofribag®)

  • A flexible cooling bag to transport temperature-sensitive products up to 28 hours.

Detailed information about the product Flexible icebox

Sofribag® is a flexible and reusable icebox for hospitals, pharmacies logisticians and private individuals to transport thermal-sensitive products up to 28 hours.

Created in 2002 for the transport of medicinal products in the hospital environment, they are suitable for short-duration transport of products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical and agri-food industries.

Made of polyurethane foam and fournished with gel packs using a high performing eutectic gel, Sofribag is a practical light and easy-to-use cooling solution.

Washable and reusable for years, make it a marketing tool by customizing it with your logo.

Product advantages

  • Washable and reusable icebox
  • Reliability of 1 to 28 hours
  • Overwhelmingly popular with consumers and health professionals alike
  • Washable and reusable for years
Duration from 1 to 28 hours
Temperature range +2/+8°C, +15/+25°C and -18°C
Volume from 1 to over 35 litres
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