Industrias Tayg

Design, production and distribution of plastic products for warehouse, logistics and transport like stackable drawers, euro-boxes, storage boxes, tool boxes, etc.

Beniparrell, Valencia, Spain

About Industrias Tayg

Since 1964, Tayg Industries keeps on innovating and investing in new technologies, machines, etc. in order to deliver the best solutions to our customers. This together with an excellent delivery and the highest quality of our items make that Tayg Ind. is nowadays present in more than 25 countries and its brand name Tayg is well appreciated in everyone of them.

We introduce herewith some of the newest collections from our catalouge designed and developed by our R+D team following the requirements of our customers worldwide, always looking for the best solutions at very competitive prices.


ISO 9001:2008

Business specialists for Containers, Pallets & Receptacles