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Module for increasing temperature

  • Its versatility makes it a great equipment for heating as well as drying processes.

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Detailed information about the product Module for increasing temperature

Heating module designed for increasing the temperature of the air canalised inside of it (thermal difference of 17ºC to 60ºC).

Its big versatility turns it into an equipment for heating premises as well as material drying processes, e.g.: furniture, metal pieces, vegetables, etc.

Main features:

  • Operation with heating gas oil, natural gas or liquefied petroleum gases
  • Combustion oven made for achieving a performance of 90%
  • Tubular structure painted with black priming
  • External panel thermally and acoustically insulated
  • It has three operating thermostats (fan start-up, burner stoppage and security thermostat)
  • Fastening hooks for an easy transport

The basic equipment does not incorporate fan nor electric panel, but it can be supplied as per customer request.

Fuel Heating gas oil / natural gas / LPG
Application Heating premises, drying products etc.
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