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Infra-red gas heaters, portable version (SIABS MD, MR and ST)

  • The best solution for heating of few working places in large buidlings.

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Detailed information about the product Infra-red gas heaters, portable version

ST, MD and MR heaters of SIABS are the right solution for heating of localised areas in industrial sheds in order to avoid the electric plat and gas pipeline. They can be fed with natural gas or LPG gas bottle.

They are made with a very robust frame, suitable for "heavy" use, with increased reflectors for better efficiency. The reflectors are made of reflective stainless steel for higher heat transmission. They are equipped with wheels and handles to be easily transported from one workplace to another. ST version is with safety nets, and MR version comes with protective housing for the gas cylinder, for reasons of safety or aesthetics.

The radiant surface is made of micro-perforated ceramic plates with low polluting emission. The plates rapidly reach high operating temperatures (approx. 900°C) and design temperature of the area to be heated is reached within minutes.

Start-up is manual with piezo-electric push-button, while the safety is guaranteed by a system with thermo-couple.

Model Heating capacity
MD 4 e MR 4 7,2 kWatt
MD 6 & MR 6 & ST 8 9,6 kWatt
ST 8 16,1 kWatt
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