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(RCM S.p.A.)

Designers, manufacturers and sellers of professional floor cleaning machinery, sweepers, scrubbers and road sweepers.

Detailed information about RCM

RCM has been designing, manufacturing and selling professional floor cleaning machinery, sweepers, scrubbers and road sweepers, which are esteemed worldwide for their high-performance and reliability, since 1970.

Learn to recognise RCM products: sweepers, street sweepers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, single disk machine, detergents. For any information or clarifications you may require, pleased don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service, which is always at your disposal with courtesy and professionalism.

Product Range - A complete range of floor cleaning machinery, 50 models of scrubber-driers in 81 versions: you are sure to find that the one which suits your purpose!

The sales network - The sales network, the agents and RCM’s presence on the worldwide market.

Consulting - The RCM technicians are always available for advice on the best cleaning solutions.

Quality certificates ISO 9001
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Mailing Address via Tiraboschi, 4
41041  Casinalbo
Modena - ITALY
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