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Meclean Nederland

(Meclean Nederland B.V.)

Manufacturer of professional cleaning machines such as high pressure trailers, high pressure cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers and vacuum cleaners among others.

Detailed information about Meclean Nederland

Why Meclean?

  • Functional technology, no unnecessary electronics
  • Own service department
  • Developed and manufactured in the Netherlands
  • More than 120 sales and service departments in different european countries
  • 10 year warranty on important components
  • First in improvements and innovations
  • Customised, focused solution and responsibility

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Warranty and service
Meclean gives to 10 year warranty on the most important components.

High pressure cleaners
Meclean is a manufacturer of mobile/portable high pressure cleaners, stationary systems and high pressure trailers/units with diesel engine integrated water tanks, hose reels, etc. which can also be provided with SteamPLUS® and WeedPLUS®.

The "Buster" sweepers with TRS technology are delivering a unique sweeping performance. In contrast to the conventional sweepers a "Buster" can also sweep soft drink cans, packaging, stones, waste, metal parts, dust, sand, etc.

Meclean offers you a balanced programme floor cleaning equipment for small or large areas: scrubber-dryers (1 disc), scrubbers and (1 disc) polishers.

Vacuum cleaners and wet/dry vacuum cleaners
The strong "Aquavac" wet/dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for micro dust, (chemical) fluids, sand, sawdust, dirty water, etc.

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Mailing Address Mr. F.J. Haarmanweg 29
4538 AN  Terneuzen
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