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Eureka S.p.A.

(Eureka S.p.A. Unipersonale)

Established Italian manufacturer of high quality sweeping machines and scrubber-dryers. Production "made in Italy" and worldwide distribution.

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Detailed information about Eureka S.p.A.

Eureka S.p.A. is an established Italian manufacturer of sweeping machines and scrubber-dryers, and is headquartered in Cittadella (PD), Italy.

Established in 1986, today Eureka has emerged as one of the most specialised manufacturer of industrial sweepers, and we have fully geared ourselves for the international marketplace.

Eureka's competitive advantages

  • Worldwide distribution
  • The highest product quality
  • Cutting-edge research and development / Supply flexibility
  • Production efficiency and cost control

Eureka believes strongly in "lean thinking" and in the Kaizen philosophy. Day after day, a dedicated staff of highly-qualified individuals constantly seeks new strategies to reduce Muda, Muri and Mura (Waste, Overburden and Inconsistency) to a minimum.

Worldwide Distribution

Eureka machines are distributed on every continent, in every major industrialised country.

Production Department

The heart of our production, with an organisation as streamlined as our philosophy is lean, helps our workflow to move quickly and be responsive to market changes. We guarantee punctual deliveries that respect the needs of every customer.

Our array of product offerings to our customers includes:

  • Pedestrian sweepers and scrubber-dryers
  • Ride-on sweepers and scrubber-dryers
  • High-dump sweepers
  • Manual sweepers with vacuum features (new, patented)
  • Escalator & travelator cleaners
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Mailing Address Viale dell'Artigianato 30/32
35013  Cittadella
Padova - ITALY
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