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Industrial Battery Chargers

  • Since each type of battery needs a specific charger we offer a wide range of industrial chargers to suit all your needs.

Detailed information about the product Industrial Battery Chargers

Chargers for various battery types including:

  • GEL
  • AGM
  • Lithium-Ion
  • Open Lead Acid etc.

We offer a range of chargers using different technologies including traditional, built-in, high-frequency, quick charge, multi-voltage and trickle chargers among others.

Each charger has different characteristics meaning we have something to suit all requirements. Characteristics can include:

  • Charge Control through Microprocessor
  • LED Indicators for Charge Status
  • Error Reports
  • Equalisation and Maintenance Charge
  • any many other features.

For more detailed technical specifications and details of our range see the PDF catalogue.

All chargers are in stock and can be delivered.

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