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Buffer Charger (AQ-Tron)

  • As well as charging the batteries correctly, these microprocessor-controlled buffer battery chargers also prolong battery life.

Detailed information about the product Buffer Charger

These microprocessor-controlled battery chargers don't only charge your batteries correctly but also prolong battery life.

The chargers work in 5 phases:

1) Desulfation: recovers a deeply discharged or lightly sulfated battery.

2) Fast charge: the battery will be charged up to 75 % in the fastest and most efficient way.

3) Equalisation: when the battery is charged to 75%, the charger switches to a charge mode which charges the battery in a safe way.

4) End charge: the battery is fully charged without over-charging

5) Maintenance: ensures that the battery stays fully charged.

These chargers are appropriate for charging 12V batteries: SLI / VRLA / GEL / AGM / Calcium-Calcium / Spiral Cell.

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