Dedicated to the ecological and economic handling of waste materials. As well as the manufacture of office machinery: shredding, cutting, deletion of data, reuse of hard disks...

Burntwood, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

About HSM UK

Environmental techniques

All HSM environmental technology products have one goal: the environmentally friendly and economical handling of waste materials. For example, HSM bale presses compress packaging by up to 95% and press cartons, plastics and almost all waste materials into bales that can be stacked and transported very easily. With PET solutions from HSM, the volume of PET bottles is reduced to a minimum.

HSM techniques for the office

For shredding, cutting, deleting data, etc. The HSM office technique develops, produces and sells products that make office life safer, more practical and easier. In the wide range of document shredders and cutters you will find the right machine for every need, every size and every expectation. The unique stand-alone solution for reusing hard disks - the HSM Digital Shredder - erases data from the hard drive with maximum security and speed. But whatever product you choose guarantees reliability and quality "Made by HSM".

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