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HPC Services

HPC Services

HPC Services Ltd.

Operating in Derbyshire, HPC Services Ltd., is an offshoot company of Hemlock Engineering Ltd. that was founded in 1991.

Ilkeston, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

About HPC Services

HPC Services Ltd. was born through the Hemlock Company’s feeling that they needed to make high precision shafts for the printer/date coding industry. The single citizen sliding head machine then became an invaluable addition to the company.

By using a sliding head machine, HPC Services Ltd., is able to vastly increase on their service range, with their experience of sliding head methods and techniques including the operation of Citizen M32 and A32 lathes that are considered as the best in the industry.

Due to the demand of large components they included the installation of 6 fixed head lathes in their services. HPC Services Ltd. now offers the whole turning solution including capacity 25 CNC milling machines, 5 axis CNC milling and CAD CAM.