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Hot Melt Filters

Filters are located between the hose and the nozzle with the purpose of eliminating any contaminants which could cause clogging of the nozzle or affect bonding performance. Use of filters not only increases productivity by reducing system down-time but also ensures a longer life for all of the other components. As such they are a standard part of most hot melt systems.

  • Hot Melt Minifilters | Minifilters


    A secondary filtration system (on the outside of the tank) used to filter out extremely fine residues.

  • Hot Melt Inline Minifilters
 | Inline Minifilters Meler

    Inline Minifilters (Meler)

    The Meler in-line minifilter is used to remove impurities from the hot melt that could otherwise reach the applicator nozzles.