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Roll up self-repairing high speed door (Ferroflex Fenroll Self-Repairing)

  • New system allowing to be self-repaired after an accidental collision.

Detailed information about the product Roll up self-repairing high speed door

The Self-repairing concept is an innovative solution in the high-speed doors market.

The element making our Fenroll Self-repairing door unique in its kind, is its special and innovator system that allows it to be automatically repaired after an accidental crash with any object or machine, using an automatic opening and closing operation.

As option, there are different colours and opening mechanisms.

RAL colours 9016, 1014, 1003, 2008, 3020, 5005, 5002, 5010, 6026, 7038, 7037 or 9005
Speed 0.8 m/s
Protection IP 55
Supply Three-phanse intensive use 400 V
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