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Large High-Speed Door (Speedor Maxi)

  • For large openings (up to 20m x 20m). 
    Travelling at max 300mm per second opens up a very large opening in a short time.

Detailed information about the product Large High-Speed Door

Speedor Maxi fabric door for large openings, travelling at max 300mm per second generally slower however it still opens up a very large opening in a short time. The door can be automated to provide the energy saving benefits attained by other products in the range of Speedor door systems. Speedor Maxi is used predominately as a external door it has exceptionally good wind resistance and can be designed for wind speeds of 115MPH.

The whole system is extremely robust and capable of many operations every week for year after year. Speedor’s design and construction are commensurate with high level of duty.

  • Twin layer of fabric for strength and insulation void
  • Heavy duty vinyl coated reinforced polyester to provide tear resistance, strength and long life.
  • Tear resistance 800/750N
  • Flame retardant fabric
  • Available in a range of standard colours.
  • Wind resistance up to 115 mph.
  • Temperature resistance +70°C to -35°C
  • Integral brush seals.
  • Sizes up to 20m x 20m.
  • Robust design capable of faultless operation.
  • 2 Safety photocells, safety leading edge and warning signs as standard.
  • Vision panels can be supplied as an option.
  • Optional ATEX compliance
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