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(STOMMPY S.r.l.)

Leading Italian company being specialised in consultancy, production and installation of protective bumper systems as well as renovation and hygienic protection of work environments.

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Detailed information about STOMMPY

STOMMPY S.r.l. is a leading company in the area of industrial protection. From the year 2000, it has specialised in consultancy, planning, production and installation of protective bumper systems as well as renovation and hygienic-sanitary protection of working environments in companies from the following sectors: food processing, department stores, cash & carry (wholesale), pharmaceutical, hospitals, logistics and all other areas where protection and restructuring is needed, guarantying an efficient solution to all the problems or damages caused by movement of forklifts or trolleys. The continuous search for better plastic material has permitted us to develop "Tecklene®", a technical non-toxic polymer, with high resistance and high performance levels. We have created our "STOMMPY®" line of products, completely in accordance with the hygienic and sanitary standards (HACCP) and the Single Security Test (Italian law D.Lgs 81_2008 conforming relevant European standards).


"STOMMPY®" Shockproof

  • Shockproof protection bumpers for door and door openings, columns, machinery and other critical points
  • Flagship bollards with high visibility
  • Guardrails for protection of walls, columns and moving machinery
  • Guardrails for secured walking areas
  • Aligners for moving vehicles
  • Shockproof columns for protection of loading and unloading areas
  • Shockproof plates for securing walls

"STOMMPY®" Hygiene

  • Shockproof plates for securing walls
  • Cladding sheets for (renovation and sanitary restoring of) walls and ceilings
  • Sealing sanitary shockproof profile

"STOMMPY®" Urban

  • High-visibility flag bollards
  • Cat’s eyes (Photovoltaic driveway road marker)


  • Evaluation and technical consultancy within your company head office
  • Planning and itemised estimate offer for the protection and security of the facility
  • Installation services and planned maintenance of our products, guaranteed by professional and specialised staff

In brief, "Tecklene®" is able to guarantee:

  • Mechanical characteristics improved for resistance to most violent impacts
  • Controlled elasticity, which is fundamental for absorption and dispersion of the energy of the impact
  • Certification of suitability for contact with food, in order safe use in the alimentary and sanitary sectors
  • High visibility, due to a constant coloring in its entire section thereby guaranteeing high level of safety
  • Elimination of the formation of rust, thereby guarantying maintenance costs
  • Environment-friendly, recyclable non-toxic material.

Protecting your company with "STOMMPY®" products, shall enable you to:

  • Preserve the integrity and the value of the same for a long term
  • Respect the safety norms and hygiene-sanitary standards in an efficient manner
  • Plan and amortise investments in a clear and definite way
  • Save on maintenance costs as well as handling damages.


  • High-performance polymer, high resistance and high flexibility
  • Circular-shaped bar, for greater resistance to impacts
  • Robust but flexible fitting system
  • No more rust, nor need to repaint in order to prolong the period of protection
  • Suitability for use in alimentary and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Sealing system to protect from liquids or dirt to enter the walls and floors

Cost-effective in terms of installation:

  • Simplified installation
  • Possible re-positioning
  • Minimal need of maintenance

Due to the certification of "Tecklene®" suitability when it comes to contact with food, the use of "STOMMPY®" products is now available in facilities where safety and hygiene norms are truly demanding. Thereby, all industrial sectors are now able to find advantageous and definite solutions for every problem regarding protection issues.

"STOMMPY®", your best investment.

Quality certificates ISO 9001
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Reggio Emilia - ITALY
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