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High productivity & Precision

HTL 3207 is equipped with hydrostatic transmission. It delivers optimal torque, power and speed for an unequalled dri­ving comfort. The inching pedal is ideal for smooth and progressive driving to ea­sily approach a structure. Thanks to pro­portional movements, manoeuvring is intuitive, secure and precise. The HTL 3207 provides a maximum lift capacity of 3,2 tonnes, and is designed to lift any type of load up to a height of 6,85 m. With a short turning radius and a length of 4,67 m, this new machine can easily access narrow spaces. It addresses the needs in the construc­tion and industrial sectors where perfor­mance and compactness are inextricably linked.

Comfort & Ease of use

The new compact telehandler is user friendly. The spacious and ergonomic cab offers opti­mal visibility. Because comfort is so important for all-day driving, a fully adjustable seat with shock absorbers aims at reducing fatigue at work. The joystick 4 in 1 enables the operator to control precisely all movements. All controls (including the parking brake button) have been specifically positioned to be easily accessible according to their frequency of use. Finally, the load moment indicator which is positioned to be easily read includes an automatic cut off when operating with a tilting risk and an automatic reset in case of dysfunction.


The HTL 3207 adapts to the ground conditions so that the operator can focus on lifting operations in complete safety. Thanks to 20-inch tires, the machine can easily cross a gap. On worksite mode, speed is limited to 8 km/h for a higher safety; on road mode, the telehandler runs up to 25 km/h. Three driving modes assure excellent manoeuvrability in any environment (2 WS, 4 WS or crab steer). Haulotte's new telehandler is a multipur­pose machine that can be rapidly fitted with multiple accessories: forks, buckets, and so on.

Easy maintenance

HTL 3207 is a reliable machine that has been designed to be easy to maintain. The diagnostic tool provides operators with key information about the functio­ning of the telehandler. A backlit electro­nic dashboard centralizes all information about the operating status of the ma­chine for continuous monitoring. To op­timize downtime costs, all the engine as­sembly components are easily accessible. Maintenance operations are simple and fast to execute, therefore improving the Total Cost of Ownership of the machine.