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Directable Microprecision Applicator (Meler)

  • Applicator with two directable modules for gluing different box formats.

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Detailed information about the product Directable Microprecision Applicator

  • Precise bead application (dots or lines)
  • Double action (AOAC) activation
  • Supports smaller distances than the minimum centre-to-centre distance of the module.
Adjustable bead distance

A simple swivel of the modules allows various box formats using a single hose.

Adjusting the two microprecision modules (MP.ND or MP.CCF) makes it possible to reduce down time when changing the product.

Maximum swivel angle of each module: 34° (13° left, -21° right from vertical)
  • Built-in filter
  • Can be changed without removing the hose
  • Designed with Pt100 and Ni120 technology for the temperature sensor
  • Pneumatic control version shared or independent for each module
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