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Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

About Generalscan

In 2004, we developed a bar code tracing system which used in electronic industry and electronic material avoids wrong system (CIMMS), the success development of CIMMS system gained a lot of customer orders, and at the same time we have accumulated a lot of experience in system integration.

In 2007, we developed an automatic bar code scanning laser, machine vision system and hardware solutions of two dimensional bar code identification, we are one of the few companies which has 2D bar code core technology, this hardware products filled the shortcoming of hardware equipment of automatic identification system need to import. With our speciality in design, production and sales of advanced image scanning system, we can satisfy a series of business, retail and industrial application needs.

Our products are laser, scanning images and machine vision which try to provide our clients with excellent performance and best value of the products. With independent intellectual property data acquisition hardware equipment, such as laser bar code scanners, industrial high-speed image scanning equipment, advanced optical system, we focus more on automatic recognition, production information management and system integration from now on, so that customers can expand to machinery industry, automobile spare parts and automobile manufacturing industry.

Since then, we have many customers in manufacturing, automobile spare parts, storage and logistics, and electronic industries, such as Hangzhou Motorola, Suzhou Apple Computer, Suzhou Samsung Electronics, the U.S. Dow Chemical, Ningbo Oakes curled group, Shenzhen Foxconn, Zhejiang Silver Wheel Machinery and other world famous industry leading enterprises.


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