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(XinChen Caster Wheels Company)

Top Chinese casters and wheels manufacturer with a wide product range which mainly includes industrial, medical, scaffolding and heavy duty casters and wheels.

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Detailed information about XinChen

XinChen Caster Wheels is specialised in manufacturing casters and wheels. Our main scope of business involves:

  • Medical casters:
    Used as medical bed casters, hospital furniture casters, hospital trolley casters, central locking casters and wheels
  • Heavy duty casters:
    Made of rubber or iron, widely used in the industrial sector; plant / factory trolley casters and wheels
  • Trolley casters:
    Widely used for supermarket trolleys and home furniture carts
  • Shock absorbing casters:
    Frequently used for electrical equipment and high precision devices which need avoid shocking
  • Low profile casters:
    Mostly used for industrial equipment and machines which do not move frequently

For many years, we have built our reputation by producing casters and wheels. We have developed more than 200 series and we are proud of our quality.

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Mailing Address Shengda Garden
325000  Wenzhou
Zhejiang - CHINA
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