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STV Scale

(STV Scale Oy)

Mobile weighing, forklift truck scales, and front loader scales at affordable prices. We combine, accuracy, user-friendliness and low-cost pricing into a single product line: STV Scale.

Detailed information about STV Scale

STV Scale is an innovative global manufacturer and scale supplier of mobile weighing systems. We have worked with mobile weighing since 2009, and based on our experience we realised that mobile scales (forklift scales and loader scales) were either too expensive, not accurate enough, or customers thought they were complicated too install.

Therefore, we accepted the mission to create a product line of mobile weighing systems with low-cost pricing and accurate weighing that are easy to install even for the end-user. This is what STV Scale stands for.

Our passion is to provide our customers with affordable, robust, easy to use weighing systems that generate increased revenue, control and productivity to their processes.

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Mailing Address Kvikantvägen 21
67800  Karleby
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