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Narrow Aisle

(Narrow Aisle Ltd.)

Manufacturer of V.N.A. trucks and the Flexi lift truck.

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Detailed information about Narrow Aisle

The Flexi range of articulated fork lift trucks dramatically improve storage, handling and customer order assembly efficiency within manufacturing, warehousing and logistics operations.

Flexi trucks provide a more space efficient solution by eliminating wasted aisle space required by traditional forklifts or reach trucks. Depending on the building, they can increase usable storage space by between 25 and 50 per cent, eliminate double handling and increase the speed of operation. This makes warehouses significantly more efficient and dramatically reduces the cost per pallet stored.

Since Flexi Narrow Aisle developed the first Flexi articulated truck in the early 1990s it has gone on to become the most popular articulated forklift truck in Europe. Now over 5000 units have been sold throughout the world and over the past five years the Flexi range has been developed significantly and the trucks can now lift loads weighing 2.5 tonnes to heights of up to 13 metres.

Although Flexi Narrow Aisle’s clients are involved in the storage and handling of many different products – from FMCG, foodstuffs and beverages to engines – they all share at least one common aim: the need to maximize efficiency within their storage operation by increasing throughput and making the most of the space that is available.

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Mailing Address Great Western Way
Great Bridge
Tipton  -  West Midlands
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Press releases of Narrow Aisle

Narrow Aisle´s HiMAX technology: disruptive influence on intralogistics planning

30/01/2018, Tipton - Narrow Aisle Ltd has announced a significant increase in global sales of its Flexi HiMAX, high bay articulated warehouse truck technology-based intralogistics solution.

Battery management system of Narrow Aisle brings cost and productivity benefits

19/01/2018, Tipton - Narrow Aisle Ltd’s Warehouse Systems Division has announced the launch of Flexi Easi-Change - a new intelligent forklift truck battery management system that minimises truck fleet running costs and brings operational efficiency benefits.

Narrow Aisle´s intralogistics project for Roper Rhodes: no queues for the bathroom specialists

08/12/2017, Tipton, West Midlands - Forklift truck specialist Narrow Aisle introduces new storage unit and some of the latest intralogistics technologies and allows bathroom products specialist Roper Rhodes to make considerable, immediate supply chain cost savings.

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