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Multi-Mover Europe

(Multi-Mover Europe BV)

Leading manufacturer and designer of electrical trucks and electrical manual trucks. We invented the Multi-Mover and the Multi-Mover concept.

Detailed information about Multi-Mover Europe

The company Multi-Mover Europe

We commerce electric hand trucks since 2005. Besides basic models Multi-Mover also manufactures electric hand trucks under a private label as well as customised electric trucks.

We have several production facilities in the Netherlands. And so the Multi-Mover is a Dutch product. All our products are EC, 12-months German UVV and Tüv certified and have a 2-year guarantee.

Product range Multi-Mover

  • Electric hand trucks - 6 models up to 40,000 kg
  • MB electric trucks - 3 models up to 6,000 kg
  • TB 1800 electric trailer dollies - up to 2,000 kg
  • Electric feeding and table carts up to 500 kg
  • Electric hand trucks under private label
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Mailing Address Stufenweg 44
47447  Moers
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Products of Multi-Mover Europe