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(Logitrans A/S)

The company develops, produces, and sells material handling equipment: pallet trucks, highlifters, stackers, rotators, twin stackers and a large range of optional extras.

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Detailed information about Logitrans

Logitrans offers solutions for all imaginable transport jobs and all handling needs of e.g. reels, drums and boxes. Logitrans is specialised in customer-adapted solutions, tailor-made for the individual requirements and application situations of the customer.

Logitrans focuses on increasing the efficiency and work satisfaction of the users. All Logitrans' products give the users an easier workday and make it possible for them to carry through their work quicker and more efficiently!

Logitrans' values:

  • Quality
  • Logic
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge

Logitrans' vision:

Logitrans is managed by its owners and has its headquarter in Ribe, Denmark!

We do our utmost to be:

  • A financially solid company with good and stable earnings
  • A socially responsible company with stimulating and challenging work for our employees
  • An innovative company - and the preferred supplier - with a unique product range and a strong dealer network

Logitrans' mission:

With our permanent promise "lifting performance" we will help our customers to fulfil their needs for handling goods in an efficient and ergonomically correct way.

With our unique handling solutions we will help our customers to increase their performance.

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Mailing Address Hillerupvej 35
6760  Ribe
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