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(Carreffe 2010 S.r.l.)

Established in 1983 with Pallet Trucks and Stackers production. The company is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of customized products and equipment.

Detailed information about Carreffe

Carreffe is able to provide standard trucks, but in the last period the company has increased the range of product on demand and tailor-made solutions to satisfy the varying requirements of our customers.

Our product list includes:

  • Pallet Trucks and Stackers made in stainless steel for food and pharma industry. Provided with special dimensions, weighing system, hydraulic attachments.
  • Pallet Trucks with prism forks for paper rolls. Stackers with specific attachments for reel or drumhandling (from 150 to 2000kg.)
  • Counterbalanced Stackers from 600 to 1500 kg load capacity and from 1600 to 4500mm lift height. Tilting Mast, side-shift, rotating clamps and other applications on request.
  • Self-propelled Pallet Trucks with weighing system.
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) equipment with GPS navigation system for load/unload trucks and storage.
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Mailing Address strada prov. pe Mantova 54
46035  Ostiglia
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