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For Demand is one of the industry's references and represents several European manufacturers. We sell products for different areas, from logistics and storage to maintenance and hospital resources.

Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal

About For Demand

For Demand represents several European manufacturers. We have near 10,000 products in catalogue, all of which come directly from the manufacturer. We sell various product ranges, with special emphasis on the following:

  • Plastic boxes and containers: we highlight the stackable euro container, the KLT box, the nestable container, the foldable container, the ESD container, the Galia box and the storage box, as well as the plastic big box, the ventilated big box and the collapsible big box.
  • Aluminium boxes and containers: within this product range we draw attention to the closed aluminium box, the stackable aluminium box, the aluminium container and the document container.
  • Pallet trucks and stackers: high quality and sturdy. We have hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, high-lift pallet trucks and pallet trucks with scale, as well as manual stackers, semi-electric stackers and electric stackers.
  • Lift tables: we highlight scissor lift trolleys (Eco, Basic, Pro, and Blue Line) and fixed lift tables, the last ones divided into single fixed lift tables, double fixed lift tables and triple fixed lift tables.
  • Transport and lifting equipment: in this product range, aside from pallet trucks, stackers and lift tables, we highlight hand trucks, transport trolleys, access safety platforms and accessories for lift trucks and cranes.
  • Pallets: we provide plastic and aluminium pallets. Our plastic pallet range includes, among others, euro pallets (1200x800 mm) and industrial pallets (1200x1000 mm), with load capacity up to 10.000 kg.
  • Metallic containers: here we highlight the tipping containers, the drop away base containers and the swarf tipping containers.
  • Spill pallets: we market metallic spill pallets and plastic spill pallets. We have metallic spill pallets for up to 12 drums, and plastic spill pallets for 2, 4 and 8 drums. There are also models suitable for IBC containers.
  • Ladders and step ladders: this range includes semi-professional and professional ladders and step ladders, work platform ladders and step ladders and scaffolds, all at reasonable prices and with optimal value for money.
  • Lockers and compartment lockers: simple, double and triple lockers, noting that among the simple and double lockers there are models compliant with the norms NP 1116 A and NP 1116 B, while among the triple lockers there are models compliant with the norm NP 1116 A. We can also provide compartment lockers with up to 50 compartments. Furthermore, we also have a range of office cupboards (models with standard, sliding and roller doors) and industrial cupboards.
  • Bench and work stations: we highlight the work chairs and laboratory chairs, as well as modular workbenches, industrial workbenches and single industrial workbenches.
  • Safes and key cabinets: we highlight wall safes, standing safes, deposit safes, jewellers safes, fireproof safes, hotel safes and weapon safes. Regarding the key cabinets, these can hold up to 1170 keys.
  • Scales: our range of products includes pocket scales, hanging scales, laboratory scales, industrial scales, medical scales, personal scales and educational scales, among others. We also provide force-measuring devices.
  • Generators: we sell various generators, with petrol or diesel engines and differences regarding power and start-up.


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