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Ice Pop Equipment

(Ice Pop Equipment Inc.)

The premier distributor of ice pop equipment in the U.S. We have the solution for your manufacturing needs from A to Z.

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Detailed information about Ice Pop Equipment

Whether you are just setting up your first ice pop venture or you are an established company looking to grow, we can help you with the new equipment that you need.

We have used equipment to fit your budget and production needs. From small operations to large industrial ice pop manufacturing, we have equipment to meet your demand.

Consulting...Do you have a great concept for the next innovative ice pop on the market and you do not know how to get there? We offer our 26 years of experience to help you achieve your goal.

Our process
Our modern, USDA inspected, production plant has the latest equipment to be able to develop and run your products to your specifications, in a timely and sanitary manner. Most of our process is automated, allowing us to produce a consistent product every run. Our production facility is located in central Florida. We cater to customers from different parts of the U.S., Canada, Australia and the Caribbean. We have the production capacity and experience to bring you the very best products!
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Mailing Address 1406 Mercantile Court
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