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Sealed floor marking (Floortag)

Sealed floor marking Floortag
  • Long lasting identification of mass stocks and loading bay thanks to a metal plaque sealed in the ground.

Detailed information about the product Sealed floor marking

Made of an ultra resistant aluminium label into which the barcode and the text have been photocomposed (possibility of logotype o distinctive signs), Floortag® is built in the floor, under the surface. The installation of this system, entirely by our team, offers reliable and long lasting marking in warehouses with difficult conditions.


  • No possibility of tearing with pallets or forks
  • High mechanical resistance to repeated passing
  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, grease and hydrocarbons
  • Allows high pressure cleaning, brushes, etc
  • Excellent reading at a distance thanks to the barcode printing resolution (3000dpi), high contrast and dimensions
  • Can be integrated with different material floors: concrete, coated asphalt, resin, tiled floor
The floor is dug with a specific tool equipped with a diamond reamer and a dust aspiration device.
The area is cleaned and a quick drying epoxy resin is placed in the cavity.
The aluminium plaque Floortag® is sealed inside the resin, 1 to 2mm under the surface of the floor.
The resin dries within a few minutes and can resist the passing of a person 1 hour after (at an ambient temperature, between +15°C and +20°C) and the passing of vehicles after 24 hours.

Identification of positions in the warehouse, in particular in mass storage areas or in case of intense traffic. Warehouse where the height of the ceiling doesn’t allow hanging identification boards.
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