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Aisle Marking System (Heskins Permastripe®)

  • Heskins permastripe is the world's most durable and effective aisle marking system, a strong and highly visible solution.

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Detailed information about the product Aisle Marking System

Not only is this material a strong and trustworthy choice, the application couldn't be simpler: you simply peel the back layer of plastic off, and stick down, apply a bit of pressure and you have an effective and inexpensive aisle marking tape. With a normal workload this material will last for several years, which is why we give Permastripe a 2 year warranty. Many different colours and sizes are available.

We now also offer Permastripe Smooth; this material was made so that it could be cleaned easier, and would be more aesthetically pleasing, but still offer the same benefits as normal permastripe. We also use die cutters to cut a wide range of shapes to create junctions or corners to suit your needs.

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