Fleetlink specialise in Accident and repair management for commercial vehicles - HGV, LCV, specialist service vehicles.

Langport, SOMERSET, United Kingdom

About Fleetlink

Fleetlink manages fleet repair and handles accident damage, resulting in better service to your vehicles, faster response, and lower prices.

Fleetlink enables a competitive market for commercial vehicle repair work to be created. Up to 3 inspections are instructed from known and tiered (by past performance) repair shops. The relationships Fleetlink has with repair shops are based on merit, performance and professional understanding. This is understood to be a preferable model to the majority of companies we use.

Fleetlink has found that a reduction of up to 20% of accidental damage spend is available, on average. Delivering this while reducing time lost, providing the policy holder with a confident and professional interface, submitting management information and creating strong relationships with repairers is exactly what a business value chain will thrive upon - sound, straightforward, 21st century economics, designed to promote the best interests of all involved.

Every new idea requires proof in execution.

Audit 100 Fleetlink managed claims and decide for yourselves - is the route we offer - guaranteeing a 3:1 ROI against an average, best case saving.

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