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Paper void-fill machine (Sealed Air FasFil® EZ™)

  • Perfect for individual packing stations

Detailed information about the product Paper void-fill machine

Sealed Air’s innovative new FasFil® EZ™ paper void-fill system dispenses single ply paper void fill and is perfect for individual packing stations. The unique crimping mechanism helps you make more efficient use of packaging materials by producing more cubic metre of void-fill material per square metre of paper used.

Easy to Use - Dispense the paper in a programmed length or a continuous length and the built-in cutting mechanism allows for easy release of paper

Easy to Set Up - Mount the system on a floor stand or on a table and adjust the system to the height desired

Responsible Packaging - FasFil® EZ™ material is made from 100% recycled paper, and the lofted, crimped design minimizes waste by reducing the amount of packaging material needed

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