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Automated void fill system (Sealed Air Rapid Fill®)

  • Labour saving, consitent pack quality, instantly ready to use...

Detailed information about the product Automated void fill system

  • Labour Saving : RF Auto fill up to 10 cartons per minute.
  • Consitent Pack Quality.
  • Stacking strength increased because of tightly filled cartons.
  • Lightweight material.

Bags are inflated on site and can be deflated to less than 99% of their inflated volume, making Rapid Fill® bags more space-efficient than bulkier materials.

How it Works

  • A packager clips a Rapid Fill® bag to a corner of the carton to be filled
  • The flaps of the carton are closed and it is guided into the Rapid Fill® system where it is sealed
  • The bag is automatically inflated with the correct amount of air through the carton wall
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