Fil Plastic

Fil Plastic open containers, the most orderly way of storing.

Arenzano, Genova, Italy

About Fil Plastic

Fil Plastic has designed an innovative storage system for bulk goods. Produced in Italy it has been commercialised both at home and abroad for more than 40 years. The open containers of different sizes are made of welded grid plates. The mesh comes with plastic coating and differs in thickness which makes the containers suitable for all kinds of usage.

The originality of the product lies in the application of coloured plastic for the coating of the surface. During the process of plasticization a technology of fluid immersion is being used.

The containers can be covered and their system structure is self-supporting. By inserting panels of division it is possible to obtain partitions with the required width. Separating the different kinds of products the metallic grid does not hide the content which makes it easy to take stock. By applying a supplement of wheels one obtains a carriage usable for manipulation and exposition.

The product is universally usable, ideal for any sector of the market where it is necessary to store different materials.

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