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Frequently Asked Questions about Logismarket

What is Logismarket?

It’s an industrial directory in which businesses from various industrial sectors can advertise their products and services. Logismarket is a B2B platform for generating business contacts, directly connecting buyers with the companies advertised on the website. Logismarket is neither the vendor nor the owner of the products.

On Logismarket you can find the products you need among more than 120,000 products and 11,000 companies and you can contact these companies by filling in a simple form. You can also register your business on the directory to advertise your products and start to receive high-quality sales leads from professional buyers.

How does Logismarket work?

Logismarket is an advertising platform for products and services from a wide range of industrial sectors, with the objective of putting buyers in contact with the businesses who manufacture and/or distribute the products. We generate high-quality sales contacts.

The businesses advertised on Logismarket maintain and update their information in order to offer Logismarket users the best selection of industrial products. In this way, users can search for and select the product that best suits their needs based on the detailed information available for each product (descriptions, videos, images, technical characteristics etc.). Once they have found the desired product, the user fills in the form to send a request for information directly to the seller.

If you have any queries about how to search for products on Logismarket, see the point "Searching for Products".
How can I find the product or company I'm looking for?

Users can find products and companies in the following ways:

By using the Logismarket search tool, situated in the top, right hand part of the screen. Write the name of the product you're looking for, search, select the product from the displayed results and contact the seller company.

By browsing through the available categories in the directory to get to the specific sector you're looking for and find the product you need.

How do I get in contact with a company on Logismarket?

The principal way to contact a company advertised on Logismarket is by filling in and sending a contact form with the details of the information you require.

To do this, you should fill in the form that appears on the webpage of the corresponding product or service, check that the details you have entered are correct and then send your request, which will be received directly by the advertised company.

You can also contact companies by telephone or see other details such as their fax number and address, which you can access by clicking on the company name or logo.

Can I send my request to various companies at the same time?

To receive various quotes, users can contact different companies advertised within the same category by filling in just one contact form. This can be done by clicking on the button appearing at the top of categories with more than one available company.

This option allows the user to simultaneously send requests for information or quotations to various selected companies. By doing this, the different companies can provide quotations for their products and the user can compare and choose the product or service that best suits their needs.

Will it cost me anything to get in touch with companies?

Absolutely not; filling in and sending the contact form to companies advertised on Logismarket is completely free. There is no cost for the user.
When will I receive a response after sending a request for information?

Logismarket acts as an intermediary between the businesses advertising their products and the users interested in purchasing them. Similarly, Logismarket does not have powers of representation to sell the products and services in their name or by itself, meaning that it is in no way able to make commitments on behalf of its clients.

As soon as the user sends the request for information/quotation to one or various businesses advertised on Logismarket, their contact details are sent to the corresponding companies so that they can respond to the request.

The advertised companies will look at and study the request in order to send the user a quote and all the required information as soon as possible. This process usually takes between approximately 24 and 48 hours. Bear in mind that it can take longer for companies to respond if the request is sent over the weekend or on public holidays.
What should I do if I haven't got a reply to my request?

Logismarket only acts as an intermediary between advertised companies and users interested in purchasing their products and services.

To ask for a response to a request, users should contact the company directly. You can find their telephone number by clicking the link "See Telephone" in the company contact details, which you can access by clicking on the company's name or logo.

Who do I need to pay for purchases made on Logismarket?

Logismarket is neither the vendor nor the owner of the products or services advertised on the website; furthermore, it is not a payment platform. Therefore, the commercial obligations arising between companies advertised on Logismarket and the purchasers are the exclusive responsibility of the company and the buyer only, Logismarket does not participate in these relations.
How are my personal details used?

Data collected by Logismarket will be incorporated in a file owned by Logismarket. The user expressly authorises Logismarket to use the data for the purpose of informing them about other products and services offered by Logismarket via email and also permits the transfer of personal details to other companies within the Mecalux business group for the aforementioned purposes. If Logismarket does not receive a negative response from the user, within a period of one month from the time the user registers their company or fills in a contact form, it will be understood that he gives consent for his personal data to be processed for the aforementioned purposes.

Further, Logismarket can use its own or third party "cookies" in order to facilitate navigation and offer a personalised and smoother service. These cookies are associated exclusively with anonymous user profiles and do not allow access to personal data or data stored on the Portal user's hard drive. For more information, please consult the Cookies Policy.
How does Logismarket guarantee the privacy of my personal data?

Both advertised businesses and users can exercise the rights of access, correction, cancellation and objection at any moment by sending an email to: Similarly, and by the same means, the Client can object to the sending of commercial communications by email.

The advertised companies undertake to treat any personal data that they may obtain via Logismarket, including, but not limited to, data contained in the emails sent by the users, in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection. Furthermore, it undertakes not to use such data for any purpose other than to simply respond to requests for information, unless otherwise authorised by the user.
How can I advertise my business on Logismarket?

The registration process for Logismarket is quick and simple. If your company offers industrial products and/or services for other companies, simply fill in this form and you will have direct access to the Logismarket Client Area, a restricted-access space where you can manage the publication and content of your company and products and manage the commercial sales leads that your company receives.

For more information on the Logismarket Client Area, see the "Logismarket Client Area" section.

What is the Logismarket Client Area and how can I access it?

The Logismarket Client Area is a restricted-access space, reserved for the businesses advertised on Logismarket, in which each company can manage the information published on the directory and access their business contacts received from interested buyers.

If you would like to access the Logismarket Client Area and your company is not yet advertised on Logismarket, fill in this form and register for free, increasing your business opportunities by receiving commercial contacts from professionals interested in buying your products.