They offers robots from 2 to 700kg payload for handling, spot and arc welding, palletizing, packaging, picking, painting, machine tending and many other applications.

Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom


FANUC Robotics Europe S.A. is the European robotics headquarters of FANUC Ltd. Japan, the world’s leading supplier of robots and factory automation.

FANUC develops competitive, high-quality products through its Research & Development activities which remain the foundation of FANUC’s management philosophy.

Thanks to its leading range of robots, FANUC Robotics covers many industrial applications. Every day, more than 160,000 FANUC robots operate with 99.9% reliability worldwide.

FANUC Robotics also offers a wide range of robot software and offline programming products to enhance the reliability and quality of automation. FANUC Robotics and its European subsidiaries are also committed to offering advanced support services to partners and clients all over Europe.

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers, food industry professionals and machine builders use yellow robots for their automation strategy. Our integrators know they can rely on FANUC robotics as a true partner to closely cooperate in implementing new and effective applications for end customers.

FANUC is no. 1 in factory automation and robots
With an average reliability of 99.99 %, FANUC robots are the most dependable worldwide. Because FANUC Robotics is the only company in its sector which develops and manufactures all major components in-house. Every detail, both hardware and software, is kept under control in an optimized chain.
More than a supplier, we are a fast, flexible, and supportive business partner – always at your side, always open to your needs. Whatever your application, we have the robots to make it work for you.

We have the widest range of products available for a large variety of applications. They can do everything from palletizing heavy payloads to handling delicate products with the highest speed and accuracy.

FANUC Robotics offers:
  • multi-application robots from 2 to 700kg (for handling, spot welding, cutting, deburring, grinding, polishing…)
  • palletizing, packaging, picking robots (including food-dedicated units)
  • arc welding robots and positioners
  • paint robots
  • offline programming software ROBOGUIDE
  • robot application software
  • robot software options depending on the application

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