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(Jarshire Ltd)
The company was formed in 1979 and is structured into three divisions – Environmental & Recycling; Converting; Paper & Tissue Mills.

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The Environmental & Recycling Division supplies waste handling and recycling systems and equipment for the most confined spaces to rugged machinery suitable for exposed out-door sites including mobile recycling facilities and tyre, refrigerator, plastic and urban-waste recycling plants.

Jarshire represents the interests, and has strategic partnerships, in the UK and Ireland with over twenty-four manufacturers, each a leader in its own field. Providing support and backup to the sales function is a service network capable not only of advising on the most suitable equipment for the purpose, but also of handling installation, commissioning and the provision of operator training. All service engineers are fully employed by Jarshire and strategically located to provide rapid response when necessary.

Jarshire operates from premises near Heathrow airport with good motorway links to all parts of the UK and Europe. An engineering and repair facility is located in Scotland.

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Mailing Address Levels House, Bristol Way, Stoke Gardens
Slough  -  Bucks
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