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Platform Pallet Truck (Hyster P2.0S, P2.0SE)

  • Fast Turnaround for Vehicle Loading.
    2 000 kg @ 600 mm

Detailed information about the product Platform Pallet Truck

Powered pedestrian or ride-on pallet trucks ideal for vehicle loading / unloading operations and for internal transportation over short or long distances.

There is a model to suit either intensive or light operation but, robust, powerful and reliable, they are all designed to suit demanding warehouse applications.

The P2.0S are powered pallet trucks with folding, ride-on platform. The P2.0SE are powered pallet truck with folding, ride-on platform, for less intensive applications.

  • Packed with features to boost productivity; fast acceleration, 10.5km/h dual speed operation, power steering and progressive stiffening when cornering.
  • Easy to use tiller head with butterfly controls minimize stress and fatigue for the operator's wrist, thumb and fingers.
  • Select appropriate performance settings for specific applications or to suit your operator's experience.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability characteristics especially suited to vehicle loading applications. 
  • Folding platform with non-slip surface and back or side rider supports, promotes easy and safe operation.
  • Low maintenance requirements minimise interruption to work flow.
Model Load Capacity (kg) Max.
Height (mm)
AST (wide/long) (mm) Battery Capacity
(V / Ah)
Weight (kg)
P2.0S 2000 130 1939 / 2139 24V / 210 - 500 950
P2.0SE 2000 130 1858 / 2308 24V / 210 - 315 750
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