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Pedestrian Pallet Truck (Hyster P1.6, P1.8, P2.0, P2.0L, P2.2)

  • Delivering the Performance and Reliability you Demand.
    1 600-2 200 kg @ 600 mm

Detailed information about the product Pedestrian Pallet Truck

One of the most manoeuvrable pedestrian pallet truck series on the market, designed to increase your turnaround whilst saving you money.

You get a performing, energy efficient, indoor pallet transportation solution, over long and short distances, or for vehicle loading/unloading.

NEW AC Motors on P1.8-2.2 models, provide powerful, energy efficient performance and low maintenance with 1000 hour service intervals.

  • Robust, powerful and reliable they deliver the economical performance your business needs.
  • Choose capacity, motor and battery types to configure the truck to your application
  • Durable frame construction with integral forks, for high truck rigidity, allowing the truck to handle heavy loads
  • The MOSFET high frequency combi controller delivers superb traction and hydraulic performance and progressive speed control. You enjoy outstanding performance, productivity and energy efficiency.
  • ‘Anti-roll back' is standard and controls travel speed and roll back on ramps
  • Easy access to key components speeds up maintenance
  • On board diagnostic display provides early warning of maintenance requirements.
Model Load Capacity (kg) Max.
Height (mm)
AST (wide/long) (mm) Battery Capacity
(V / Ah)
Weight (kg)
P1.6 1600 130 1706/1906 24V / 150Ah 396
P1.8 AC 1800 130 1711/1911 24V / 150 - 200Ah 503
P2.0 AC 2000 130 1711/1911 24V / 150 - 200Ah 503
P2.0L AC 2000 130 1783/1983 24V / 200 - 300Ah 523
P2.2 A 2200 130 1783/1983 24V / 200 - 300Ah 530
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