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Pallet Truck (Crown WP 3000)

  • Load capacity of 1600, 2000 and 2000 kg/800 kg.

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Detailed information about the product Pallet Truck

The WP 3000 pallet truck is designed to be flexible and powerful, used for dock work, delivery services, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing this pallet truck proves its durability thus resulting into more savings with its superior steel construct and highly stable system and incredible fork design. It is specifically engineered to lessen the cost of maintenance with advanced innovations that prove its longer component life then reduced operation costs are reduced. Also providing a very user friendly interface for its operators to handle this in a very easy fashion especially when with tall and heavy loads in tight spaces.

Load capacity:

  • WP 3010 Pallet Truck: 1600 kg
  • WP 3015 Pallet Truck: 1600 kg
  • WP 3020 Pallet Truck: 2000 kg
  • WP 3080 Pallet Truck: 2000 kg/800 kg
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