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Manoeuvre-adapter for pallet-trucks

  • Brand: Turn@bout

Makes your pallet truck manoeuvre easier.
Manoeuvres fast, efficient, safe - also in confined spaces.

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Detailed information about the product Manoeuvre-adapter for pallet-trucks

  • Simplifies the use of your (electric) pallet-truck.
  • Saves costs as it allows you to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Reduces the risk of labour accidents because of its minimised turning cycle.
  • With Turn@bout your (electric) pallet-truck can turn round its own axle on the spot.

Turn@bout let’s your (electric) pallet-truck manoeuvre faster, more efficiently and safer in:

  • Cramped warehouses
  • Narrow aisles in warehouses and stores
  • Limited space in the back of a truck
  • Limited space on the tail gate lift of your truck

How does Turn@bout work?

Turn@bout features 2 extra rollers, that can be installed easily and fast under your (electric) pallet-truck.

Turn@about comes with a clear installation manual, a template, a metal drill and bolts.

Install Turn@bout under your (electric) pallet-truck and the turning cycle will be reduced radically.

Manoeuvrability and efficiency will improve by 72% because with Turn@bout your (electric) pallet-truck can turn round its own axle on the spot.

No more heavy lifting, pushing, and kicking of your pallet-truck to position it.

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