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Low-Level Order Picker (Crown GPC 3045)

  • Load capacity: 1200 kg

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Detailed information about the product Low-Level Order Picker

Order picking with an ergonomic advantage
The GPC 3045 order picker with lifting forks is designed for single pallet use and loads up to 1200 kg. This highly manoeuvrable order picker can elevate a load up to 960 mm, allowing workers to easily position the pallet at an optimum height to minimise bending motion and back strain. Elevating the pallet also reduces product and packaging damage caused when items are tossed or dropped onto the pallet.

The GPC 3045 order picker features a 24-volt electrical system with nominal battery capacities up to 620 Ah

Drive Unit/Drive Motor
The largest drive unit in its class of truck means long-term performance.

The drive unit is both top and bottom mounted to withstand the constant impact delivered when crossing expansion joints or docks.

Crown-built drive motor matches motor performance for the task.

Drive Tire
The largest drive tire in this class of truck improves traction and decreases downtime caused by rough floors and poor dock conditions.

Drive tire is mounted on both sides, reducing thrust when traveling over uneven surfaces.

Fork Assembly
The heavy-duty fork assembly of the order picker uses reinforced C-channel construction and integrated, low-profile load backrest. The robust design resists deflection and bounce in rough floor conditions.

Electronic steering is standard on the GPC 3045 order picker with lifting forks, providing precise and responsive control.

Intelligent steering system slows the travel speed in curves.

Infinite speed control in forward and reverse can be tuned to fit any application.

Access 1 2 3® includes a full featured on-board diagnostic tool so service engineers can actively view inputs and outputs during operation of the order picker. No laptop or service terminal is required.

The uncluttered layout of components provides quick and easy access for servicing the GPC 3045 order picker with lifting forks.

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